Our in-house lighting design team are proud to work with many of the world’s leading lighting designers and architects on prestigious small or large building projects. We have an excellent long-standing reputation for quality and service, allowing us to enjoy the enviable position of being the first contact when new lighting design projects are being discussed.

Approved Standards

Once into the manufacture stage, your custom lighting will be closely monitored and inspected during all processes. In our finishing department, we are able to apply various finishes, including painting to BS and RAL standards, as well as many in-house finishes which are unique to Great British Lighting.

All of our fittings are wired to current CE standards and we keep up-to-date with the ever-changing regulations. We are also approved to wire to UL (USA), CE (Europe) and JLA (Far East) regulations. After final inspection and sign off, your fittings will be in the hands of our despatch department, who will take great care and attention to ensure that they are wrapped and packed expertly to make sure that they arrive in pristine condition. We offer this service across London and Great Britain.

Lighting Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on our lighting craftsmanship. We have collective skills and experience dating back over 100 years and still continue to use traditional methods of hand crafting many of our lighting product in London, Great Britain.

Our attention to detail begins at the quotation stage, where we will visit your site to ascertain the exact client requirements with regard to design and lighting levels, if required. The technical department can provide you with accurate visual representations using our 2D Computer Aided Design system or 3D modelling software. This enables us and our clients to view the lighting piece without the need for expensive prototypes, thus improving the time taken from concept to delivery of the project. This ensures the design is exactly to specification and on budget.

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